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Buffing, Polishing, Waxing, Shampooing… all these things are almost a necessity to keep your car looking great week in, week out. But who has the time to do all of this? San Diego Car Care does.

Our employees undergo the most extensive, stringent car detail training program in San Diego using the latest equipment and technology. We detail tens of thousands of cars every year, more than anyone else in San Diego. But the only car that matters is yours, because we will detail it to your complete satisfaction. Each and every time!

Full-Service Professional Auto Detail Facilities

Ultra Carpets
  • Ultimate Wash
  • Shampoo Carpets
  • Shampoo Mats
  • Clean & Condition Dash, Console & Doors
Ultra Seats
  • Ultimate Wash
  • Clean & Condition Leather Seats
  • Clean & Condition Dash, Console & Doors
Ultra Wax
  • Ultimate Wash
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Clean, Shine, Protect Paint
  • Only For Well Maintained Paint
Super Interior
  • Ultimate Wash
  • Air Gun Detail Inside
  • Extra Vacuum Of Crevices
  • Clean & Condition Dash, Console & Doors
  • Shampoo Mats
Carnauba Wax
  • For New Or Well-Maintained Cars
  • Includes the Ultimate Wash; Carnauba Wax to clean; shine and protect paint from UV rays and acid rain. Wax can be applied by hand or orbital polisher. Application recommend every 2-3 months.
    Claybar & Wax
    • For Well-Maintained Cars With Rough Surfaces
    • Includes STEP 1 plus surface preparation clay to remove all pollution and surface contaminants to make painted surfaces smooth as glass. Add paint sealant instead of Carnauba Wax for $75 more.
      Clay Polish & Wax
      • For Cars With Light Scratches/Light Oxidation
      • Includes STEPS 1 & 2 plus a polishing process to increase shine and minimize scratches. Add paint sealant instead of Carnauba Wax for $75 more.
        Clay, Compound, Polish & Wax
        • For Cars With Medium Scratches/Medium Oxidation
        • Includes STEPS 1
        • 2 & 3 plus compound treatment to rejuvenate and revive dull oxidized and contaminated paint. Add paint sealant instead of Carnauba Wax for $75 more.
          Express Super Interior Service
          • For New Or Well-Maintained Interiors
          • Includes the Ultimate Wash; air gun detail of vents cracks crevices and hard to reach areas; deep clean condition and protect dash console and doors; extra thorough vacuuming with crevice tool and shampoo floor mats.
            Complete Interior Light Soil
            • For Lightly Soiled Interiors
            • Includes STEP 5 plus light shampoo for carpets
            • mats
            • seats and doors. Leather seats cleaned and conditioned. Light shampoo for upholstered seats.
              Complete Interior Medium Soil
              • For Medium Soiled Interiors
              • Includes STEP 6 plus deep stains are pre-treated and scrubbed. Deep shampoo of carpets; mats; seats and doors. Seatbelts; sun visors and rear hatch areas cleaned. Trunk cleaned on request.
                EXTRA SERVICES (add to any package)
                • Leather Seat Clean 2 rows $40
                • Leather Seat Clean 3 rows $50
                • Fabric Protectant (Carpets or Seats) - each $30.00
                • Paint Sealant - $139.00
                • Headlight Restoration - 1 pair of front lights - $79.99 (wash not included)
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