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Tariff 3

Ultra Carpets$99.99Five Star WashShampoo CarpetsShampoo MatsClean Dash, Console & DoorsUltra Seats$79.99Five Star WashClean & Condition Leather SeatsClean Dash, Console & Doors Ultra Wax$79.99Five Star WashCarnauba WaxClean, Shine, Protect PaintOnly For Well Maintained PaintSuper Interior$69.99Five Star WashAir Gun Detail InsideExtra Vacuum Of CrevicesClean Dash, Console & DoorsShampoo Mats

Tariff 2

Express Super Interior Service$69.99For New Or Well-Maintained InteriorsIncludes the 5 Star wash; air gun detail of vents cracks crevices and hard to reach areas; deep clean condition and protect dash console and doors; extra thorough vacuuming with crevice tool and shampoo floor mats.Complete Interior Light Soil$129.99For Lightly Soiled InteriorsIncludes STEP 5 plus light shampoo for carpets mats seats and doors. Leather seats cleaned and conditioned. Light shampoo for upholstered seats.Complete Interior Medium Soil$169.99For Medium Soiled InteriorsIncludes STEP 6 plus deep stains are pre-treated and scrubbed. Deep shampoo of carpets; mats; seats and doors. Seatbelts; sun visors and rear hatch areas cleaned. Trunk cleaned on request.EXTRA SERVICES (add to any package) Leather Seat Clean 2 rows $40Leather Seat Clean 3 rows $50Fabric Protectant (Carpets or Seats) - each $30.00Paint Sealant - $129.00Headlight Restoration - 1 pair of front lights - $69.99 (wash not included)

Tariff 1

Carnauba Wax$69.99For New Or Well-Maintained CarsIncludes 5 Star wash; Carnauba Wax to clean; shine and protect paint from UV rays and acid rain. Wax can be applied by hand or orbital polisher. Application recommend every 2-3 months.Claybar & Wax$119.99For Well-Maintained Cars With Rough SurfacesIncludes STEP 1 plus surface preparation clay to remove all pollution and surface contaminants to make painted surfaces smooth as glass. Add paint sealant instead of Carnauba Wax for $75 more.Clay Polish & Wax$169.99For Cars With Light Scratches/Light OxidationIncludes STEPS 1 & 2 plus a polishing process to increase shine and minimize scratches. Add paint sealant instead of Carnauba Wax for $75 more.Clay, Compound, Polish & Wax$219.99For Cars With Medium Scratches/Medium OxidationIncludes STEPS 1 2 & 3 plus compound treatment to rejuvenate and revive dull oxidized and contaminated paint. Add paint sealant instead of Carnauba Wax for $75 more.
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